Privacy Policy

Privacy policy

Xydshoes  (or "we") respects and protects the privacy of all users who register on the website. This Privacy Policy is intended to reflect Xydshoes's strong commitment to protecting user privacy. Given the characteristics of the Internet, it is inevitable that websites will directly or indirectly establish interactive relationships with users. Please read the Privacy Policy Statement carefully before visiting the website to understand how user information is collected, used, disclosed, and protected.

Please read this policy carefully before using our products or services. Please use the relevant product or service after confirming that you fully understand and agree. Once you start to use our products or services, you fully understand and agree to this policy. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions regarding the content of this policy, you may contact us at

I.Collecting and Using the Information

We will properly collect personal information such as details of your name, title, address, telephone number, email credit card numbers etc on pages that are protected using SSL technology and in compliance with the law of the USA. If you refuse to provide the corresponding information, you will not be able to use our products and/or services properly. Your information is intended for us to provide you better service and user experience, ensure cyber security, and improve the content of the website. To realize this overall objective, your personal information will be used only for the following purposes:

Information Security

To protect your personal information, we take reasonable precautions and follow industry best
practices to make sure it is not inappropriately lost, misused, accessed, disclosed, alteredor
destroyed. Communications with our Website are all conducted using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryptiontechnology. Through our use of SSL encryption technology, all information communicatedbetween you and our website is secured. -We will not use the collection of users’ personal information as the main purpose. -Communicate with you; -Screen our orders for potential risk or fraud; -We use the information we collect to enhance your experience of our website and our products
and services; -We do not rent or sell this information to any third-party. -Without your consent, we will not use your personal information or pictures for advertising.

1.To provide you the services and realize relevant functions set forth herein, maintain and improve such services and functions.

2.To improve our service quality, collect your opinions and suggestions on the website and services, and provide you feedback or solutions to specific issue in a timely manner.

3.To ensure security of the system and help you solve related problems you might encounter when using the services contained herein.

4.To use your personal information for business analysis and market research.

5.We might transfer your personal information across countries and use them for investigation and analysis conducted by the affiliates, or share them to a third-party service provider(s) and/or business partner(s) to realize cooperative services including investigation, research, and analysis. In this case, we'll request company/companies involved to follow terms stipulated herein without failure.

II.Disclosing and Sharing the Information

The security of user information contained herein is under rigorous protection. Necessary technical measures will be taken to ensure information security as well as prevent leakage and loss of such personal information. If you disapprove of collecting and using your personal information under the terms stipulated on the Privacy Policy Statement, please do not use the website or disclose to us such personal information of yours. The website might share the user information to a third party under the agreement of software licensing, without violating the laws and regulations of the website, so as:

1.To disclose such information to a third party upon your approval.

2.To meet the requirements of applicable laws and regulations as well as the rules of national authorities.

3.To safeguard and defend our legal rights and properties;

4.If you are the legal owner of the intellectual property and have complained of the infringement of your property rights, to allow both parties in dispute to resolve potential dispute over such right, such information of yours will be disclosed to the party being complained.

5.To provide the products and services you require. We will only share your personal information for any lawful, legitimate, necessary, particular and specific purposes, and will only share your personal information necessary to provide services. Our partners will have no right to use any shared personal information for any other purposes unrelated to the products or services.

6.Other disclosure appropriate under applicable laws or according to relevant policy contained herein.

7.You are fully aware that we may collect and use your personal information without your consent in the following cases:

(1)To be related to national security and national defense;

(2)To be related to public safety, public health and major public interest;

(3)To be related to criminal investigation, prosecution, trial and judgement execution;

(4)In order to protect the life, property and other important legitimate rights and interests of personal information subjects or other individuals, but it is difficult to obtain their consent;

(5)Such personal information collected has made public to the public by personal information subjects;

(6)Your personal information is collected from legally disclosed information such as legal press reports, government information disclosures and other channels;

(7)To be necessary for signing a contract at your request;

(8)To be necessary for the maintenance of the safe and stable operation of the products and/or services provided, such as the detection and disposal of failures of the products and/or services;

(9)To be necessary for legitimate press reports;

(10)Where an academic research institution carries out statistical or academic research based on the public interest and provides the results of academic research or description to the public, it de-identifies any personal information contained in the results;

III.Rules of Use

1.The registration and use of your user name and alias shall be in line with the ethics of the Internet and comply with the relevant laws and regulations of the UK.

2.Your user name and alias shall not contain such controversial character(s) in the nature of menace, obscenity,obloquy, unlawfulness, infring

ement of others'interests, etc.

3.Upon successful registration, members must keep their own user account and password carefully. Any user who suffered any loss from information leakage as a result of his/her carelessness shall be solely responsible for the loss.

4.Any user who uses stolen account number of another user shall be solely responsible for such consequence thereof.

IV.IP Address

IP address refers to the number automatically allocated to your computer when you’re using the network server. When visiting the website, such number and access time as well as pages viewed will be automatically identified and recorded automatically in the log file on our server.

V.Use of Cookies

Cookies will be used to enable us to provide you more thoughtful and individualized service. When you log on the website, we’ll store related information of yours with Cookies in order to follow up your personal preference and user habit, to recognize your identity in case of your revisit to provide you information that interests you, and to enable you to visit the website without reentering your password for each repeated visit. Otherwise, you can also disable this function, and we’ll cease the service of Cookies for you.

VI.Linking Third Party Website and Security

Links to third party websites are available on the website, and if necessary, links to websites of our business partners or those who share common brands with us will also be provided. Information provided by users will be kept under rigorous regulation and protection, which will be reinforced by corresponding technical and security measures, so as to prevent your personal information from loss, stealing or tampering. However, you should acknowledge that no "perfect security measures" exist on the internet, and therefore we cannot absolutely guarantee the security of the aforesaid information.


In any of the following cases, we’ll not assume any legal responsibility for disclosure of your privacy:

1.Leakage of any of your personal information caused by your disclosure of user password to others or sharing your registered account with others, or leakage of any of your personal information for any other causes for which we’re not accountable;

2.Disclosure of your personal information under applicable laws and regulations or as required by relevant government policy;

3.Any dispute arising from the use of your personal information by any third party in such case as specified in the terms and statement of services herein;

4.Any temporary shutdown of the website caused by any hacker attack, invasion of computer virus or government regulation;

5.If you find any case where your civil interests are infringed by the website, you shall notify us as soon as possible, so that we can take such measures as deletion, shielding, delinking etc as necessary. We will reply within fifteen (15) days. Any loss in connection with such infringement due to your failure of timely notice shall become your sole responsibility;

6.Any consequence as a result of force majeure;

7.The usage and disclaimer of service terms and statements herein specified on the website.

VIII.Protection of Minors

Our services are only available for those who are 18 years old or older. If you’re a minor, please do not disclose your personal information.

IX.Revision of Privacy Right and Feedback

You can log on your user account to visit your account information and revise, restrict, and delete your account data.

Moreover, you’re entitled to request for data of your personal information stored with us at any time. You are also entitled to request for correction, update, or deletion of your personal information at any time. If you have any such request, you may contact us by emailing If your information is provided by your employer, you should raise the request directly to your employer.

You’re not required to pay any fee to visit your personal information. But if your request for this is evidently groundless, repetitive or excessive, we may charge you with reasonable fee, or in such case, we may reject such request of yours.

As the scope of services on the website is extending, we may from time to time update the content of the Privacy Policy Statement without separate notice to the users. The Privacy Policy Statement, once is updated and issued on the website, shall supersede the proceeding version with full force and effect.

X.Ownership of Contents

1.The contents of network services available on the website may include characters, software, voice, images, videos, and graphs etc, all of which are protected by the laws governing copyright, trademark and other property ownership.

2.The user may only use such contents when she or he is authorized by the website, and may not duplicate and/or regenerate such contents or create any derivatives related to such contents without prior consent.

3.We reserve the right of final interpretation of the Priacy Policy Statement.

XI.International Transfers of Your Personal Data

Xydshoes may have different data protection polices pursuant to different laws. In such circumstances, we will take measures to ensure that data is processed as required by this Policy and applicable laws.

XII.How to Contact Us

You can contact us in the following ways, and we will reply to your request within ten (10) days:

If you have any questions or suggestions about the contents of this policy, you may contact us through;

If you find that your personal information may be divulged, you can also contact us through